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About Us

Rabbi Yerachmiel Shlomo Basner

Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Basner learned in Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yisroel Meir HaCohen, Baal Chofetz Chaim z`tl (widely referred to as Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim), in Queens and in Yerushalayim. After 18 years, he learned at Knesses Yehuda and other kollelim, and received Semicha from HaRav HaGaon Zalman Nechemya Goldberg, shlita. He has a Teacher’s Certificate from Rabbi Hillel Mandel’s Torah Educator’s Institute, and a certificate from Ohr Lagolah Leadership Training Program.

Rabbi Basner has lectured on Memory Enhancement and Optimizing of Study Techniques. In 5751, with the haskama of HaRav HaGaon Rabbi A. Henoch Leibowitz, zt`l, Rosh HaYeshiva of Chofetz Chaim, he started a kollel, The Institute for Talmudic Skills. He reorganized the kollel in 5757 under the name Yismach Leiv Mercaz Torani Kiryat Sefer. From his exposure to different kollelim, Rabbi Basner has synthesized an approach to iyun that emphasizes the need for precision of thought about the point under discussion in the context of the entire sugya.

His approach to learning and teaching has consistently captivated his talmidim, penetrating language and cultural barriers, and inspiring both young teenage Israelis and mature baalei teshuva, as well as advanced English-speaking and Israeli avreichim.

Aware of the growing need of avreichim for a challenging level of iyun, as well as an organized approach to Gemorah logic and terminology, he has decided to start a program specifically for English speaking Mesivta graduates. Presently he is preparing for publication a guide entitled “How to Excel in Learning.” He also is working on publishing his shiurim from the last twenty years.

Recently he has given lectures on Parenting to audiences in the Israel, Baltimore, Lakewood, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney,and Johannesburg as well as giving private counseling on Parenting and Marital Harmony issues.